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Year Added Attractions Relocated/Rethemed Attractions Removed Attractions
1974 Towers Express    
- - -
1980 Corkscrew    
Pirate Ship
Miniature Golf
Cine 2000
Alpine Bob Sled
1981 Log Flume    
Around The World in 80 Days
Doom & Sons
Fantastic Fountains Theatre
1982 Mini Apple Roller Coaster    
Adventure Land 4 - 11
Cine 360
1983 Space Boat   Towers Express
Circus Show Space Boat
Dragon Rollercoaster
Vintage Cars
1984 Black Hole Dinosaurs - relocated to Log Flume  
Enterprise Fantasy World - rethemed Springfield Centre
Wave Swinger
Magic Carpet
Turbo Star
1985 4 Man Bob Coaster    
Ferris Wheel
1001 Nights
Mississippi Showboat
1986 Towers Street built Aqua Land - rethemed Ingestre Centre Magic Carpet
Grand Canyon Rapids
Kiddies Kingdom - new themed area
1987 Sky Ride Splash Kats - relocated to Lake Alpine Bob Sled
Monorail Ferris Wheel
Swan Boats
Tea Cups
1988 Alton Beast 3D Cinema - redesigned Cine 360  
Alton Mouse
1989 Gravitron   Turbo Star
Britannia Farm
1990 Thunder Looper    
Canal Boat Ride
1991 Tri-Star    
Gallopers Carousel
1992 The New Beast The Beastie - relocated Dragon Roller Coaster to Thunder Valley Alton Beast
Runaway Mine Train Tri-Star - relocated to Festival Park Alton Mouse
Haunted House Congo River Rapids - rethemed Grand Canyon Rapids 4 Man Bob Coaster
Thunder Valley - new themed area Katanga Canyon/Gloomy Wood/Merrie England/Thunder Valley - rethemed Aqua Land Doom & Sons
1993 Astro Dancer Magic Theatre - rethemed Fantastic Fountains Theatre Tri-Star
Cine 2000
1994 Nemesis Forbidden Valley - rethemed Thunder Valley  
Toyland Tours - rethemed Around The World In 80 Days
Land of Make Believe - rethemed Talbot Street
1995 Energizer Old MacDonalds Farm - rethemed Brittania Farm 1001 Nights
Doodle Doo Derby Adventure Land - rethemed Kiddies Kingdom Miniature Golf
Tractor Ride Vintage Cars - relocated to Land of Make Believe
1996 Alton Towers Hotel    
Storybook Land
Squirrel Nutty Ride
1997 Ripsaw The Blade - relocated Pirate Ship to Forbidden Valley Thunder Looper
Nickelodeon: Outta Control Astro Dancer - relocated to Festival Park The New Beast
Park Railway - rebuilt Mississippi Showboat
The Beastie - relocated to Adventure Land Mini Apple Coaster
Cred Street - rethemed Land of Make Believe Splash Kats
Rowing Boats
1998 Oblivion Enterprise - relocated to X-Sector  
Energizer - relocated to X-Sector
X-Sector - rethemed Fantasy World
1999 Frog Hopper Ug Land - rethemed Festival Park Nickelodeon: Outta Control
Riverbank Eye Spy - rethemed Canal Boat Ride
Dino Dancer - rethemed Astro Dancer
2000 Hex - The Legend of the Towers Barney's Theatre - rethemed Magic Theatre Park Railway
Cred Street Carousel
2001 Submission Bone Shaker - relocated Energizer to Ug Land Dino Dancer
2002 Air Dynamo - rethemed Dino Dancer to Forbidden Valley  
New Adventure Land
Ice Show
2003 Splash Landings Hotel Duel - rethemed Haunted House Gallopers Carousel
Cariba Creek Waterpark Tweenies Theatre - rethemed Barney's Theatre
Ribena Berry Bish Bash
2004 Spinball Whizzer The Flume - rethemed Log Flume Dynamo
Gallopers Carousel - relocated to Cred Street Bone Shaker
Swan Boats
3D Cinema
2005 Rita - Queen of Speed Bouncing Bugs - rethemed Ug Bugs to Cred Street Black Hole
2006 Peugeot 207 Driving School Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Ride - rethemed Toyland Tours Cred Street Carousel
Vintage Cars
2007 There's Something in the Dung Heap    
Haunted Hollow
Extraordinary Golf
2008 Battle Galleons Mutiny Bay - rethemed Merrie England  
Heave Ho Marauders Mayhem - rethemed Tea Cup Ride
2009 Sharkbait Reef Cloud Cuckoo Land - rethemed Cred Street Corkscrew
Ug Swinger - relocated to Cloud Cuckoo Land
2010 Thirteen Sonic Spinball - rethemed Spinball Whizzer