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The Black Hole was a Schwarzkopf Jet Star II coaster, originally built for the 1984 season, and became the park's second full size roller coaster. For the construction, over 250,000 tons of earth was excavated from the area that in previous seasons had been home to the Dinosaurs display. Being housed inside a massive tent, the coaster was hidden from view, shrouding it in mystery. The track layout was actually very similar to that used on both the Alton Beast and the New Beast, both of which have now been removed. The ride was very well themed, and used the darkness well, with added lighting effects to add to the atmosphere. During the mid-nineties the whole ride is said to have been removed, and transported to Europe where it had an overhaul, which then allowed the ride to use dual car trains. The outside of the tent received a major paint job when Fantasy World became X-Sector in 1998. Its original colour scheme was a strange green and yellow, compared to the black and silver of the late nineties.

Being shrouded in complete darkness, the Black Hole is one of the most difficult rides to describe. The experience began when you entered the claustrophobic tunnel that took you into the loading station. On entering the station, you took up your position in one of the bays, indicated by the lights in the floor. When a car arrived, you could take your seat.

Once on your way, you now had a good few seconds while the cars powered themselves up the winding lift hill. Special lighting effects and sound helped to make the trundle up the hill bearable. Soon, the track levelled out, then suddenly dropped sharply, and you plummeted into the unknown. Sweeping bends and sudden drops were now the main course as you were thrown from one side of the car to the other, taken through star systems, black holes and nebulae.

Eventually you reached the brake run. Here you headed toward a very bright light, throwing your fellow passengers into silhouette in front of you.

Slowly you made your way into the unloading station, which was separate from the loading station. Just outside here, you could purchase your on-ride photo.