Reviews for Black Hole

What were you thinking? There is something just not right about Alton Towers any more - that feeling, knowing you were going to step into the darkness once more. Time has now passed and left an empty hole. Bring it back!
David Lewis
I loved the Black Hole, and I'm so sad that it closed. The only bad thing was queueing up for ages, and the lift hill was a bit boring, the rest of the ride was awesome though.
Niall Green
Black Hole was the best ride for young and old alike, it give a different experience to the standard coasters. Alton Towers made a bad choice to remove it and they will never be able to replace it. I've been on the ride over 50 times throughout my times at AT. This is very sad news, and a part of AT has now died along with Black Hole. Now I have no intentions of returning in the near future.
Paul Jackson
I have to say, I had great pleasure in riding the Black Hole before it closed. It gave me and my daughter much enjoyment and we were very saddened to see that it had closed. Thank you to Alton Towers from myself and my daughter.
Tina Baker
I went on the Black Hole when it first opened - I was seven at the time, and scared out of my mind because I could hear all the screams as I waited in line. I remember that there wasn't much to hold you in, and the first drop was incredibly steep. I've still got the photograph from 1984 and the last time I went on it was in the summer of 2002.
Jonathan Derry
When I learnt this was gone, I cried. It was my favourite ride, the only thing worth going on my opinion! As soon as it hit the switch-over in the track, I laughed hysterically all the way to the jolting stop at the end. On every picture you can see the happiness and cackles!
Bring back the Black Hole! Honestly, it was a seriously bad move by Alton Towers personnel to remove it; this ride was the best. They should bring it back with a massive advertising campaign, and watch sales soar. Trust me.
George Davis
I cannot believe this ride has gone. It is an Alton Towers classic and should never have been removed. X-Sector looks so empty now when you enter it, and will never be the same. No matter what new ride they build, the Black Hole will never be replaced.
I loved the BH, it was a classic scary ride which everyone loved. The station was one of the best kept around with its LED lights as stars. The 'spaceman' at the top of the lift was there to give a wave to say goodbye, and I'm sure he sometimes said "don't look down." The spiral lift hill was so much fun, and it should have had lasers and mirrors to add to the effects. I visited AT at the end of March 2008 and the tent was still there - how about if AT put Spinball in the tent? I'm sure it would fit. Thanks for the great rides BH, you will be missed by everyone who rode your wonderful curves, but my you had vicious brakes...
J Culver
The Black Hole was a great thrill ride. Money should have been spent on it to bring it up to health and safety standards. The ride is sadly missed by myself and many others. Bad move Alton Towers!
David Harvey
The time has come for the Black Hole. I never wanted this to happen so soon. The Black Hole was the first 1.2m ride I went on, so I will never forget it. R.I.P. Black Hole, it was one of their top rides.
I really enjoyed the Black Hole, it was a good ride. I went on it in 2004 with my nan, and you should see her face on the ride photo! It still scared people a year before it closed.
Jack Power
Oh my god, it's been a couple years since I last went and I always go on this ride - I'm gutted! I met Phillip Schofield on this ride doing a piece for "Live and Kicking" when I was younger. It's a real shame. A ride of my generation - the Star Wars generation, that is - not giving the age away much then!
Steph Radford
When I walk into the X-Sector it seems such a lonely place without Black Hole, I look at the tent and wish it was still open. The only reason people now venture into the area is to ride Oblivion. Bring back the legendary Black Hole!
Unfortunately I never got to ride Black Hole, but I really wish I did - it sounded a really brill ride, a true legend of Alton Towers. I just hope that they build a new Black Hole, that would be so exciting.
Bring back the ride! I had been on it at least 100 times, as I go to Alton Towers twice a year, and I never got bored of it.
Karen Bird
I remember this ride messing with your senses. Firstly you wonder where the passengers of the train had gone when it comes into the station, only to realise afterwards that you get off at a different station.
I am so disappointed that Alton Towers removed this ride. It was my second favourite ride in the park after Oblivion. It was scary enough to make it a thrill ride, but not in the same league as Nemesis and Oblivion, so you could convince your non-rollercoaster riding friends to go on. I remember all my mates laughing at me when they heard it was closing, as they knew how much I loved it and wouldn't drag them on it again. I wish Alton Towers could explain why they shut this ride, and why the space where it stood is still vacant two years on.
One of the park's original "signature" rides, its early days were far better than the latter, the effects inside were better, and the track was far more intense. I always remember seeing the spaceman floating down below as you climb the lift hill, and seeing the neons on the track and thinking, my god, we won't make it, the bend is too tight. In its latter, day, it was still enjoyable, but was lighter inside, the track less intense, and the queue attracted such huge queues. While sad to see it go, the ride had run its course, and bowed out with dignity.
Gary Holcombe
I've been on this ride many times, but I do remember the ride being different in 1990 when I first rode it. It didn't have the sliding lap bars, just seat belts. The lift hill was all dark, and there was a laser going up in the middle. There was also a spaceman at the top. Then there was a face or something(cant quite remember what it was) then the drop. I do believe the ride was faster back then as I've heard they changed the track. It was a fun ride with a good theming ideas. Sorely missed.
We loved the ride, will miss it very much. 100% fun ride.
Paul and Hollie
As far as I am concerned, a true classic at Alton Towers, and there will always be a part of me that will love that first drop!
Jack Fitzpatrick
What a classic ride at Alton Towers. It will be sadly missed, especially by me!
Dave Collins
I loved this ride it was amazing! I can't beleive that it has been stopped.
Jo Hooper
It was a shame to hear that the Black Hole was going to be closed down. I believe that it was the best ride at Alton Towers until Air was built in 2002. The flashing lights, darkness, sharp turns and steep drops all added up to the great ride experience. It was a fab ride for all ages.