Fact File: Black Hole
First Installed 1984
Removed 2004
Opening Date 31st March 1984
Opened By Bobby Davro (for the 1988 retheme)
Location X-Sector
Where Now Furuvik theme park in Sweden
Manufacturer Schwarzkopf
Designer IB Stengel GmbH
Type Of Ride Jet Star II
Track Length 560 metres
Ride Height 13.5 metres
Maximum Speed 45 mph (72 km/h)
Maximum G Force 3 G
Ride Duration 2 minutes incl. lift hill
Queue Time 30 - 60 minutes
Throughput 900 people per hour
Seating Arrangement 2 cars per train, 3 seats per car, 2 persons per seat
When To Ride Early morning (before 11am)
Restraint Type Sliding lap bar
Height Restriction Must be at least 1.2 metres
Property Security Take on ride or leave in lockers by Oblivion
First Timers Sit Back seats of front car/front seats of rear car
Thrill Seekers Sit Back seats of rear car
Ride Photography Yes, photo booth near ride exit