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Ride Reviews

Ride Ratings
Thrill Rating2/5
Family Rating4/5
Re-Ride Rating2/5
Theming Rating4/5
Popularity Rating2/5

Guest Information

  • Riders must be at least 0.9m tall
  • Riders who are 0.9m - 1.1m tall must be accompanied
  • Property can be left on exit platform
  • Average queue time: 10 mins

A traditional pirate ship ride with a touch of Alton Towers theming… have you got a strong stomach?

Why, where, when?

Back in 1980, when Corkscrew was the main attraction at Alton Towers, another ride was added that still exists today. The Pirate Ship, a typical fairground ride of the late '70s and early '80s, was installed in the Springfield Centre alongside the Cine 2000, along with most of the other attractions in this new area of the park.

The ride was very popular during the '80s although many people made the mistake of riding the Pirate Ship, then heading straight into the Cine 2000, promptly decided to part company with their lunches. Not a pretty sight.

It stayed in its place while other attractions around it came and went, and wasn't until the end of the 1996 season, that it was relocated into Forbidden Valley, given a fresh lick of paint, and it became Blade, taking up the vacate space left by Thunder Looper.

But what is it like?

The Blade is also meant to be a piece of shrapnel dug out of the Nemesis hole, the ride is very similar to a normal pirate boat but it is themed to look more post-nuclear with large blades covered in what appears to be blood on the end of the gondola.

The middle rows of the boat are rather tame although are generally filled with younger children and older people braving the ride, the very back rows supply you with repeated zero-g moment when you float out of your seat and leave your stomach behind.