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Along with the development of Talbot Street for the 1981 season, a novel yet strangely appealing attraction was built. The Talbot Theatre played host to the Fantastic Fountains show from 1981 until the end of the 1992 season.

On the stage, a 12 metre long trough held over 13,600 litres of water, and 500 water jets provided the entertainment in one of six different shows, each lasting 10 minutes.

The show was difficult to create, as an operator was first required to create the show himself using a control board, that operated the lights and power and angle of each of the water jets. After setting a show to a music track, a special track was added that the computer could follow to re-create the show exactly in time with the music.

The attraction was removed although the building remained when the area was revamped and renamed to the Land of Make Believe for the 1993 season. The building then played host to a magic show for a number of years before becoming Tweenies Theatre in 2003.