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Ride Reviews

Ride Ratings
Thrill Rating1/5
Family Rating5/5
Re-Ride Rating2/5
Theming Rating4/5
Popularity Rating3/5

Guest Information

  • Guests must be at least 1.0m tall
  • Guests must be no more than 1.3m tall
  • Guests must be under 10 years old
  • Average queue time: 5 mins

Kids can learn to drive, with no risk to your own vehicle!

Why, where, when?

The Driving School is situated where the Vintage Cars and Cred Street Carousel used to be, in the lower end of Cloud Cuckoo Land. Both rides were removed for the start of 2006 to allow for the new attraction.

But what is it like?

If you have children under 10 years old, they will probably love the Driving School. After a short briefing session, the kids are able to go out onto the circuit and drive around; observing signs, going through the bubble wash, and past the melting lollipop lady. The cars are not powerful enough for anyone to be hurt, even if they hit a kerb/another car, but several marshals still watch the circuit just in case.

Once the session is over, ride photos are available which are basically the child's photograph superimposed on a faux driving licence, which from what we've seen, is a big hit.