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About this area

This area of the park has been rethemed many times since it started life as Talbot Street in the early eighties.

In the early days, the area was used as an exhibition centre, and contained the biggest collection of dolls in the United Kingdom, along with a Motor Museum. It was also host to an exhibition of the Thunderbirds puppets. At one point in the eighties, it was also known as the location of the giant Snakes & Ladders board used in the children's television programme 'Hold Tight'.

Over the years, the area changed its name to Land of Make Believe, then to Cred Street, and then to Cloud Cuckoo Land, as attractions were added and removed as regularly as the seasons.

The area was once host to Barney the Dinosaur, and then the Tweenies, entertaining the kids throughout the day in the theatre.




Food Outlets
Other Outlets



Pay-2-play grabbing machines and trampolines


Toilets and Baby Changing Facilities near Sky Ride station

Public Telephones

No - nearest in Fountain Square


Designated Smoking Area by Rita's Chicken & Ribs