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McDonalds - Cred Street Diner


Once known as the Talbot Street Diner, when first built during the early 1980's, this was the biggest fast food outlet in Europe. Obviously, this is no longer the case, but it is still pretty big.

As with most of the large food outlets in the park, the Cred Street Diner becomes extremely busy around 11:30am till 1:30pm, and so try and avoid them at these times.

Over the last few years, all the major food outlets have become franchises of well known fast food restaurants. The Cred Street Diner has become a McDonalds Restaurant.

The typical menu is similar, if not identical to those found in all McDonalds restaurants.

Sample Menu - McDonalds - Cred Street Diner
Big Mac Meal (Large)£3.69
Chicken McNuggets Meal (Large)£3.69