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Thrill Rating1/5
Family Rating5/5
Re-Ride Rating1/5
Theming Rating3/5
Popularity Rating4/5


Why, where, when?

The theatre housing the current Ice Age attraction was originally built by George Talbot, the 14th Earl of Shrewsbury (1719-1787), to amuse himself with touring magic shows. It was abandoned in 1891 and lay dormant in the grounds until the early 1990s, when it reopened.

The Theatre has played host to a number of shows over the years, involving a range of characters, which change depending on what the current "in-thing" is with the kids. Previous shows have included Barney and Friends, The Tweenies, Bob the Builder and The Go!Go!Go! Show.

In 2012, the Theatre was overhauled to house a 4D cinema attraction, themed around the hugely successful Ice Age films.

But what is it like?

In 2007 the Theatre hosted ATTV, a faux TV studio where four lucky children participate in a game show, with the "studio audience" of mums and dads helping them out along the way. Each contestant went away with an ATTV goody bag, while the winner of the show got a Family Annual Pass.