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  • No height restriction
  • Property should be taken on train with you
  • Average queue time: 20 mins

Save your energy for when you get to the park by catching the Monorail from the car parks

Why, where, when?

The Monorail was installed in 1987 and opened by Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, a year after the construction of Towers Street. As the new car park was almost a mile away from the main entrance, guests had a choice of either walking, or taking the provided bus-train transport. The trains came from Canada following the 1986 Expo.

Even though Towers Street had been constructed in 1986, it was always intended to install a monorail system, and the buildings at the top of Towers Street were designed to incorporate it. The monorail was a welcome sight then, and still is now, although it can get extremely busy around opening and closing times.

But what is it like?

The Monorail transports you in futuristic, although now slightly tatty looking trains from the car park to the park entrance.

During the journey you are treated to views of Forbidden Valley, Gloomy Wood & Katanga Canyon before passing over the coach park and across the top of Towers Street.

You'll be thinking the queue for Nemesis was nothing compared to this! The monorail has a high throughput, so your wait shouldn't be too long.