Reviews for Monorail

This is such a great ride to set you up for the day ahead... like your wake up call. Each one is very well themed and it introduces you to the rides in the best way, e.g. going over Forbidden Valley.
I was there the day the Monorail opened, travelling down for the day just to see Captain Kirk and Mr Sulu open the futuristic ride. Now over 20 years later, it's still a thrill for the little ones.
I think this is a brilliant ride, and here is a good refurbishment idea: half of the train's seats red and the other half blue, a lick of white paint and the Alton Towers logo on each side of the train.
I luurv the monorail! It is the best ride in the park by far!
Joe Wainwright
Summer 2005 and the monorail cars are looking really tired. The seats are dirty, ripped and patched with tape, the windows are dirty and the whole thing looks shabby and makes you wonder where you £30 entry ticket money is going.
Funky Music!