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About this area

This is where your magical day at Alton Towers begins.

After riding the monorail from the car park, or walking from the nearby coach park, you enter Towers Street. Here you will find a choice of shops, where there literally is something for everyone.

The street was built in 1986 to provide a place for shops which ran down both sides of the street, but the ones on the right hand side have been converted into administration units. On the street itself, you can find the jumping fountains, and an abundance of street entertainers. The street is positioned for spectacular view of the Towers as you walk down it.




Food Outlets
Other Outlets

Street entertainment


Toilets and Baby Changing Facilities near park entrance

Public Telephones



Cash Points
Guest Services
Lost Property
First Aid
Designated Smoking Area by Towers Family Restaurant
Car Parking Tokens
Queue Time Information Board
Baby Supplies available from Towers Trading Company

Multimedia Items