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About this area

Mutiny Bay was originally called the Ingestre Centre, and held an aquarium, several specialist shops, and the Circus Hassani. Over the years as more attractions were added, and the Log Flume was installed, the area had a name change to AquaLand.

The area stayed like this for several years, with the Tea Cups, Grand Canyon Rapids, and the Swan Boats being added, until 1992, when the area on the opposite side of the woods that housed Thunder Looper was made into a newly themed area. Thunder Valley needed much better access, and thus Merrie England, Katanga Canyon, Gloomy Wood and Thunder Valley were created.

Merrie England stayed much the same for the next decade, with the only notable changes being the removal of both the iconic Swan Boat Ride and the 3D Cinema.

The area got a much-needed makeover for 2008, changing to a pirate theme. As part of this, The Flume changed designation to become part of the Katanga Canyon area.




Food Outlets
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Pay-2-play arcade machines and games


Toilets and Baby Changing Facilities opposite Marauder's Mayhem

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