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The Cine 2000 was a must have attraction in the early eighties, with many other parks around the country also installing them at about the same time.

The idea behind the Cine 2000, was to immerse the visitors in a movie. The film was shown in a large dome, with the film being projected onto around two-thirds of the inside. This meant that just about anywhere you stood in the dome (and they did like you to stand!) you had complete, unbroken vision.

The movie itself was made up of specially filmed scenes on roller coasters, racing cars, and such like. The idea worked well, and many times I can remember people falling over, as they completely lost their sense of balance while watching.

Unfortunately, due to its proximity to the Pirate Ship, it was common for people to be taken quite ill during the performance, if they had just ridden the Pirate Ship.

The attraction stayed for quite a few seasons, until being replaced by the Astro-Dancers.