Reviews for Cine 2000

I absolutely loved the experience. Going over the edge of the cliff was as good as a roller coaster thrill back then as a small boy.
S Dutton
Everybody liked Cine 2000. I went in 1984 and I can remember the car chase scenes and flying over canyons. It was difficult to keep your balance, even though you knew the film was just projected onto a giant screen. But I thought it was fun.
Jonathan Derry
Hello, I'm from France. I do remember this attraction! I was 10 years old. I can't forget the Colorado's film which was shot from a helicopter, swinging left and right. Later, you could feel the thrill from a race car or a rollercoaster. Also, they had good dynamic music to go with it. (I'm a musician and I can still sing one or two of their soundtrack!) Does someone know where could we find those movies on the net? Were there Omnimax, 35 mm or 70mm film?
I went in this cinema once. I remember trying hard to not sway about. Im sure one of the rollercoasters on the film was the thunderlooper.
I didn't really like this attraction, because after I had ridden the pirate ship, I came to this and felt really sick!
Dave Collins