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What was it?


Doom & Sons was Alton Towers' first attempt at a haunted house style attraction.

We use the word "attraction", as it wasn't a haunted house in the traditional sense, where you would sit in a car, and travel around the house. It was located on the side of the Around the World in 80 Days building.

This was a much more interactive experience, where you could see, hear, feel and smell, while you walked around the house. There was ultra-violet light, used to great effect, with soft floors you would sink into, doors which you could open, only to be confronted by a rotting corpse, feet, and legs hanging from the ceiling with the bodies hidden in the darkness.

Many people mourned the loss of Doom & Sons, thinking it better than the newly installed Haunted House in Gloomy Wood. The new Haunted House was made a little tamer, as children could be easily scared by the features in Doom & Sons.