Reviews for Doom & Sons

I remember with affection the Doom & Sons attraction at Alton Towers. It was 1984 and I remember the whole thing being made to look like a Victorian-style undertakers shop. Very spooky and sadly missed.
Rob Cordon
This was a great attraction. Remember the library with the sign that said "Don't Look Up"? Difficult not to look up, so when you did, you saw the hanged librarian suspended from the ceiling, rotating slowly. And the "Do Not Open" door, which on opening triggered a screaming zombie to lurch forward. I remember shooting backwards 2m and screaming my head off at that one (I was only 8!)
James B
Hidden around the corner and easily missed if you were not careful, Doom and Sons was a classic interactive style walkthrough attraction quite ahead of its time in many ways. Copious use of lighting / fluorescent paint etc made for a colourful experience. First time through you really didn't know what to expect.The overall feel reminded me of some of the 'old school' ghost trains, like the original one on Brighton Pier in the early 70s that I experienced as a child (now Horatio's bar). Doom and Sons is another attraction of Alton old that is gone but not forgotten in the hearts of many.
The Ancient Mariner