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Submission was the new attraction for the 2001 season. The ride was a Double Inverter manufactured by Chance Rides, but with that extra special bit of Alton Towers magic. There wasn't another Double Inverter like this one on the planet.

Taking the place that Energizer had for 3 years in X-Sector, Submission was aimed at young teenagers.

The ride had two gondolas each attached to an arm, one on either side of the central pillar. The gondolas rotated on the end of each arm in opposite directions, and the arms themselves also rotated in opposing directions.

After starting off slowly, rocking back and forth, the arms raised into their vertical position, with the gondolas hanging upside-down for several seconds, before propelling you back quickly towards the ground, only to snatch you away, and taking you back into the vertical position several more times.

The ride was a good addition to X-Sector, providing thrills for younger teenagers and upwards, although adults found a little tame. The main concern was the extremely restrictive restraints that prevented you from making any bodily movement.