Reviews for Submission

I really like Submission. I love rides that turn you right over, head over heels. Even though some people think it is painful and tame, I do not agree with them. Also, this ride is a great piece of history because Chance, the ride's manufacturer, went bust the same year Submission opened! That's why you will never get a ride like this ever on Earth. Also, why don't both sides operate any more, as they are meant to? Even on busy days, only one side is working which is a great shame! I hope I will see the left and right sides open some season soon!
Shocking. Just Shocking. The moment you step on this beast you are scared stiff. The pure shrill of this beast is unthinkable. The worst bit is hanging upside down. Anything could happen. Remember to put your phone in a zipped pocket so it doesn't smash on the ride.
Giles B
Horrendous! Absolutely horrible. It's slow, and the restraints don't feel strong enough to hold your weight while hanging upside down.
How can something so beautiful be so rubbish? Submission is definitely no great ride, no thrill, no real fun. From the second you get boarded, you get bored, too. That's it!
A much maligned ride, now only run on one side to help on running costs and maintenance, Submission still has a certain charm. Unfortunately, it lacks any manual controls and only has three settings, the best one of which doesn't always park properly! The biggest problem with Submission is that it looks much better than it is!
This ride hurts a lot!
I absolutely HATED Submission it is awful! plus the restraints kill!