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This attraction started life as the Cine 360 which was installed way back in 1981 at the same time as the Log Flume. The Cine 360 version of the cinema used a large projector in the centre of the dome that projected an image across the whole dome interior, making you feel surrounded by the movie. It was redesigned in 1988, and would stay the same until it closed in 2004.

This attraction operated on a rather simple basis and was common in many parks. You were given a pair of uncomfortable and unfashionable glasses to put on, and then you were shown a film of bungled-together clips which were generally made so that they "hit" you. After the twenty-minute show and after feeling like being stuck in a sauna you were most likely to walk out with double vision.

Saying that, this attraction did have its advantages, albeit a few. If it was pouring down outside and you needed somewhere to take refuge, this was a brilliant place because as the temperature increased in the dome you'd quickly dry out.