Reviews for 3D Cinema

I'm disappointed this is gone. I remember when I was six, I didn't know it was the same for everyone and asked to switch seats with my mum because the things were hitting me, haha. She never let me forget that...
I only saw this once, and it must have been in 2002 - I never even knew it existed until a school trip when a friend dragged me in. There were no seats that I remember, there were sort of cushion-y things on the floor, so we laid down at the front with the uber-cool 3D glasses on (not fun when you wear glasses anyway, mind you). It was actually kind of cool, even if it wasn't particularly exciting!
Bit of a mixed bag the 3D cinema was, great on a wet day, and good for a laugh, but it certainly showed its age towards the end of its life: tatty seats, marks on the screen. It no longer did fit in to Alton Towers but back in its day, it was a bit of fun, and the 3D effect was actually quite good.
Gary Holcombe