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This ride was originally situated in Fantasy World, and called Astro Dancer. It was usually ignored by the thrill seekers, as its original theming made it look more of a children's ride, than the vomit inducing ride it actually was.

The ride was moved into Festival Park when construction of Oblivion began, and took the place of Energizer, that was moved to the X-Sector in the same year, was themed to fit in with the surrounding rides. It was renamed Dino Dancer to fit in with the Ug Land retheme in 1999. It was removed in 2001, though.

2002 saw the return of the Huss Breakdance ride. A lick of paint, and a service, and it became Dynamo, and was now located in the Forbidden Valley.

As the radius of the ride was quite small, and the platform rotated pretty quickly, very high G-forces were achieved.

Two seater cars allowed you to sit with a friend, as long as your friend wasn't liable to motion sickness… you were in for one hell of a ride.

The ride started having technical issues towards the end of 2003, and closed at the end of that year. The park wanted to install a hot air balloon in its place, and saw this as the time to retire the ride. It was kept on site until March 2004, when it was moved to the area behind the Monorail garage near to where Duel is situated. Despite the balloon idea falling through, Dynamo stayed in the car park, and was eventually sold to Mondial and removed from the park in June 2005.