Reviews for Dynamo

When visiting the park my niece and I would always seek out Dynamo, it was a really fast ride. I suppose we liked it because it warmed us up nicely for the bigger rides. We both miss this ride a great deal, we had a lot of fun and memories on it.
So what can a flat ride enthusiast say about Dynamo? What can be said about a ride which has become the staple attraction of travelling fairs and theme parks alike? What can be said about the Alton Towers attraction that can't be said about every other Breakdance across the world? Answer... not much! Dynamo was of course a popular and reliable ride for Alton Towers, from its first installation as Astro Dancer through to it's final season in Forbidden Valley. It served thousands and acted as a great filler attraction at the park for many years. However, it was noted that Dynamo could have done so much more but suffered the fait of placement in a family park. The Huss Breakdance III is a fantastic machine and can pack a mighty punch; an adrenaline seeker could find the most intense thrills in these machines when they are operated to their potential. Whether The Towers were being conservative for maintenance or audience reasons, Dynamo did not operate at a level to show the full force of the ride. Of course, I'm an elitist enthusiast and not in touch with the big GP, but what did they think of it? Well, as usual I was proven wrong. They of course loved it! For many seasons Dynamo attracted short queues and delivered good thrills for the GP who favoured riding over queuing. There was no doubt about it, Dynamo could satisfy everyone (to some that comment is true at all levels). The families, teens and oldies could all appreciate its fast turns and high G's. I guess I should leave you with a rating, will 5/10 do? Longevity, Reliability, Enjoyment and Extremity, 3 out 4 isn’t bad!
James Wearing