Fact File: Dynamo
First Installed 1993
Removed 2004
Opening Date 21st March 1993
Location Forbidden Valley
Relocated In 1999, 2002
Previous Names Astro Dancer, Dino Dancer
Previous Locations Fantasy World, Ug Land
Manufacturer Huss
Type Of Ride Breakdance III
Weight 22 tons
Power Consumption 60kW
Manual Control Yes
Ride Duration Approx. 2 minutes (varies on program)
Queue Time 5 - 15 minutes
Capacity 32
Throughput 800 people per hour
Seating Arrangement 16 gondolas, 2 people per gondola
When To Ride Anytime
Restraint Type Lap bar
Height Restriction Must be at least 1.4 metres
Property Security Property may be left in front of op cabin
First Timers Sit Anywhere
Thrill Seekers Sit Anywhere
Ride Photography No