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About this area

Katanga Canyon was born in 1992.

Originally the area was part of AquaLand, which had the Log Flume, and the Grand Canyon Rapids as its major attractions. In 1992, when AquaLand was split up into four new areas, Katanga Canyon came into being. The rapids ride was given new theming, a new ride simulating a runaway train was built, and the surrounding areas were impressively themed like an African colonial village.

Katanga Canyon is the best area in the park for its theming, and both rides fit in perfectly. The area never seems to be very busy, as many people just pass through the area when using the path to Forbidden Valley. Beware that during the summer months you will be queuing for quite some time for the Congo River Rapids.




Food Outlets
Other Outlets

Pay-2-play games


No - nearest in Mutiny Bay or Gloomy Wood

Public Telephones



Cash Point in Katanga Cargo Company
Designated Smoking Area by Katanga Cargo Company and The Flume's exit