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Kids can go 'dung ho' in this unusually-themed adventure playground

What is it?

The Dung Heap is an adventure playground for young children, divided into several areas with different themes.

First of all is the dung heap itself, inside which is a clever floor display of various bugs, which interact with you by moving away from your feet when you walk near them. Further on is a central seating area which allows parents to keep an eye on their children no matter which area they are in. Joined to this area are three separate sections for children to play in, first of which is Mr Mushroom's Magic Maze, a standard maze with Mr Mushroom himself at the far end. Another section is the Toxic Bog, an area where the floor is very springy, which contains a slide, toadstools to jump over, obstacles to tackle and some extremely springy mats to jump on. Finally, there is the Cobweb Capers section, which contains climbable structures that resemble spiders' webs, and a zip wire that runs the length of the play area.

The Dung Heap is a handy addition for guests visiting with young children, giving them the opportunity to run off some of their excitement!