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2013: The season to Smile about

Park News
Monday, 18th March 2013 By Jayne Sargeant

Alton Towers rolled up the shutters and allowed guests back for 2013 on Saturday 16th March.

It’s shaping up to be an exciting season. Here’s a round-up of what guests have to look forward to:

Work continues on the next attraction at the park, The Smiler. Previously codenamed Secret Weapon 7 and situated in X-Sector, the ride is scheduled to open in May, and will be another “world’s first” for the resort. The Smiler has been manufactured by Gerstlauer who have been seen on site during the installation of the custom Eurofighter-style ride. We will be posting more information about The Smiler shortly, including the current rumours about how it will be a “world’s first”, and information on the new merchandise now available in resort shops.

The scare attraction The Sanctuary has returned for a short period. The doctors of The Sanctuary invite you to get corrected in the facility based inside The Towers. The entrance is through the conservatory, and entrance to the maze is free. ATA have already tested this out; it is not for the faint hearted and has definitely improved since its début in the 2012 Scarefest.

Burger King outlets have now all been replaced with The Burger Kitchen, a Merlin-owned chain of fast food shops. The Cloud Cuckoo Land restaurant has had a massive refurbishment to suit the new brand.

Oblivion has had a long awaited repaint and shuttles all have bright orange restraints again. Other areas of the park have been spruced up too, including parts of X-Sector, the Box Office on Towers Street and parts of Mutiny Bay.

Over at the Alton Towers Hotel there have also been some changes. 14 rooms have been refurbished with a galactic Moon Voyager theme, and there is also a new suite based on The Smiler.

On-the-day ticket prices are now £46.20 for adults and £37.80 for children under 12. Car parking has stayed at £6 per car. Further updates on current prices and offers will be coming to ATA shortly.

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