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About this area

The place where it all began. Alton Towers is currently an empty shell, with very little, remaining from its once glorious interiors. Work has been ongoing for many years, which has enabled much of the house to be opened up to the public.

Be wary though, venturing into the house is an adventure in itself. Mazes of rooms and corridors can make it quite difficult to see everything. Do make sure that you go up the wooden stair cases that have been constructed to allow you to go to the roof of the house, and view the park and surrounding countryside.

The old gift shop that was once housed in the Armoury, is now part of the queue experience for Hex.




Food Outlets


Other Outlets



No - nearest entertainment in Ug Land or Cred Street


No - nearest toilets in Fountain Square

Public Telephones

No - nearest telephones in Fountain Square


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