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Power cut causes mayhem

Park News
Saturday, 25th April 2009 By Dan Ketteringham

Many of the park's rides shut down earlier today due to a major power failure.

The fault occurred at around 11:30am, causing a large number of rides to cease operating.

The attractions affected were Nemesis, Air, The Blade, Ripsaw, Duel, Congo River Rapids, Runaway Mine Train, Sky Ride and the Monorail.

All rides at Alton Towers have fail-safe safety measures, so guests were in no danger at any point. However, many people were stranded on the Sky Ride and Monorail for some time, with evacuations necessary on many other rides.

With the outage lasting over an hour and a half, the decision was taken to extend the park's closing time from 5pm to 7pm. The parking charge was reportedly also waived for all guests.

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