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Private party causes concern amongst locals

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Saturday, 28th May 2005 By Dan Ketteringham

Thousands of people are to attend a private party - just days before the Ropers' court case resumes.

Around 7,000 guests are expected to attend the corporate event on Saturday, July 9 at the park.

Alton Towers says it cannot name the party organisers because of client confidentiality and stresses that the park will remain open to visitors.

A £1 million bash staged by BT two years running attracted about 25,000 employees each time, and sparked complaints from residents about noise and traffic.

Alton Towers has circulated notices to residents about the private party, which will be held between noon and 5.30pm, and pledged stringent supervision. The move comes after a flood of complaints about the BT concert when rock band Status Quo were the headline act.

Source: The Sentinel

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