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About this area

If it wasn't for the magnificent gardens and grounds that surround Alton Towers, then we probably wouldn't have a theme park here at all. For about 100 years before the theme park was conceived, thousands of people flocked to the house and its grounds to walk around the gardens, and be entertained by jugglers, lion tamers, and other side shows.

The whole area now occupied by the gardens was once a dry valley with little or no trees or shrubs. Over the last 150 years hundreds of trees and other plants and flowers have been introduced, and are cared for today by a dedicated team of gardeners and horticulturists, just as they were back in those days.

Many people visit the park, just to have a quiet stroll through the gardens, following one of the many pathways, which take you around the gardens, and out into the valley beyond. Some of the walks can take up to 90 minutes to complete.

Dotted around the gardens are many strange follies, such as 'Stonehenge'.



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