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Easter gallery updates

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Tuesday, 10th April 2007 By Dan Ketteringham

We've added lots of new photos of the resort over the Easter weekend.

With all of the park's rides and attractions now open, including the Runaway Mine Train, Sky Ride, The Dung Heap and Haunted Hollow, we went to take a look.

Our Haunted Hollow and Dung Heap galleries are now updated with lots of photos of the new-for-07 attractions. Over at the Hotels, the new Extraordinary Golf course has also opened, albeit only half the course. On the plus side it means that entry is only £3 for the time being, which is great value for money. You can see photos of the golf course in this album.

And, of course, the Chocolate Towers event is underway at both the park and hotels, although the scale of the event doesn't really justify the entry fee of £34. Judge for yourself by having a look at our photos of the event.

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