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Opening weekend gallery updates

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Sunday, 18th March 2007 By Dan Ketteringham

As promised, we've added lots of new content to the site following the first day of the 2007 open season.

You can see a few teaser photos of the upcoming attraction Haunted Hollow - which sadly isn't open yet - in the attraction's newly-added gallery.

The Dung Heap is also under construction at the moment, and you can see some photos we took yesterday of how things are progressing, here.

Riverbank Eye Spy has had a mini-update, with the old flat cut-out animals replaced with new 3D ones. Check out the ride's gallery to see how it's looking.

The Black Hole's track, which has been sat outside the disused tent for quite some time, has finally been removed, and we've added a couple of shots to the album.

And finally, you can now peruse the 2007 park map at your leisure, in all it's high-resolution glory.


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