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ERT gives you the chance to get on some of the best rides before the park opens to everyone else... sounds good? Read on to find out how to use it...

What is ERT?

Rita - Queen of Speed ERT, or Early Ride Time, allows you to ride certain rides (see below) for an hour before the park opens to other guests. ERT ticket holders will be let into the park just before 9am, at this time they will be able to start riding the rides with relatively short queues before non-ERT guests are let into the park at 10am.

Typically during ERT you'll find the rides have no, or near-to no queue and you'll be able to get on virtually straight away.

What rides are available?

The 2010 ERT ride line-up is as follows:

How do I get ERT?

If you hold an annual pass, you have booked your tickets online, or you are staying at either the Alton Towers Hotel or Splash Landings Hotel then you are automatically entitled to ERT. Simply enter through the turnstiles with your annual pass, or if you're stopping in the hotels, via the hotel's dedicated park entrance.

Are there any exceptions?

Some special events do not allow ERT, such as the February Half-Term and Scarefest. Always check before your visit, otherwise you may end up hanging around for an hour!