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Dynamo and Bone Shaker removed

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Thursday, 16th June 2005 By Dan Ketteringham

After being in storage for a long time, both rides are finally being taken away from the Alton grounds.

Dynamo, the Huss Breakdance III, stopped running at the end of the 2003 season. Rumours suggested that there were problems with the motors on the ride, and the park wanted to install a hot air balloon in its place. It was kept on site until March 2004, when it was moved to the area behind the Monorail garage near to where Duel is situated. Despite the balloon idea falling through, Dynamo stayed in the car park.

Bone Shaker, the Mondial Super Nova, also finished operation at the end of 2003. Apparently, the gearbox on the ride had a major fault that would cost a large amount of money to fix. The ride was left on-site throughout 2004, and was only moved to the area next to the flag tower once work started on the 2005 attraction, Rita, in September 2004.

Dynamo and Bone Shaker in storage

Both rides are due to be removed tomorrow. Dynamo is still in place behind the Monorail garage, and Bone Shaker is currently on a series of low-loaders parked by the flag tower.

Apparently they have both been sold off to Mondial for refurbishment, to then be sold on to another park or travelling fair.

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