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Track arrives on-site for 2010 coaster

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Friday, 18th September 2009 By Dan Ketteringham

The track for Secret Weapon 6, the new roller coaster at Alton Towers for next year, has been delivered.

Construction of the coaster is expected to proceed at a very fast pace, with some estimates saying that the entire circuit will be in place in time for the Scarefest Halloween event starting, mid-way through next month.

The track arrived yesterday in several large containers, along with a crane and other equipment. They are temporarily being stored in a seldom-used car park near the Alton Towers Hotel.

A temporary fence has gone up around the containers, preventing the general public from getting too close (in contrast to Air and Rita, where there was no such restriction).

See 30 new photos of the track

We already knew the project name and the manufacturer, but now it's definitely confirmed to be a family coaster, which means it should appeal to all ages (and have a 1.2m height restriction, as opposed to the 1.4m of Nemesis, Oblivion and Air).

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