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SW6 layout is revealed

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Sunday, 21st December 2008 By Dan Ketteringham

The European Coaster Club have published the layout for Alton Towers' next roller coaster.

Codenamed SW6, the ride is replacing Corkscrew, which is currently being demolished after 29 years of service.

The ECC got their hands on the plans for the new coaster yesterday, and have uploaded a drawing of the layout to their website.

SW6's layout

The drawing contradicts rumours that the coaster would be, like Rita, launched instead of using a lift hill. It shows the ride going through a series of "S" bends through the trees, and ATA understands that there will be a tunnel section leading into the woods.

Importantly, like Rita there are no inversions, meaning that the ride does not go upside-down at any point. It is still unclear who the manufacturer for the ride is, although the three names being bandied about are Intamin, Gerstlauer and Premier.

There are two "switchback" sections to allow the roller coaster's train to switch directions, meaning that a portion of the ride will be done backwards.

The drawing shows SW6 to be another Alton coaster with a short layout, although it should have plenty of "airtime" during the course.

And according to a member of the ECC, the plans show the station building to be "a half built castle, with wooden scaffolding all over it", making it resemble the Towers themselves.

There is still no word on what it is that will make SW6 a "world's first", but here at ATA we can't wait to find out!

Source: European Coaster Club

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