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2008 open season comes to an end

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Sunday, 2nd November 2008 By Dan Ketteringham

The final day of the Scarefest Hallowe'en event also marks the last day of opening for the theme park.

Unlike previous years, there will be no Adrenaline Week - 7 days of limited ride opening at a reduced entry price - to round out the season.

There will, however be one final day of opening this year in a week's time to say goodbye to Corkscrew, Alton Towers' longest-standing roller coaster.

The event, on Sunday 9th November, will see the park reopen its major rides for one last day in 2008. Annual Pass holders will get in for free, while other guests will pay a reduced entry fee. We've added the full details of the event to our Special Events Diary.

It is expected that the park will be very quiet on the day, meaning virtually no queues for the major roller coasters (with the possible exception of Corkscrew herself, of course). We're also holding an ATA meet-up during the event, and if you'd like to join us there, we've set up a Facebook event with further details. There may also be a surprise or two for those going along that day.

Meanwhile, progress on SW6, Corkscrew's replacement, is moving along at a pace; flags marking out the ride's layout have been planted in the wooded area behind the ride.

The park will reopen for February half-term next year, from the 14th to the 22nd.

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