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2007 tariff is revealed

Park News
Tuesday, 27th February 2007 By Dan Ketteringham

Alton Towers have published their 2007 price list on the official website, in preparation for the new season.

Most of the ticket prices have increased again this year, which is no surprise. An adult one-day ticket has risen in price by £2.50, with a child's ticket now costing £3 more than it did in 2006. The internet price for an adult ticket has increased by £1.00 but the child price has stayed the same.

Seniors and disabled guests will now have to fork out an extra £1.25 per ticket. But the biggest price increase has to be on the family ticket (for 2 adults and 2 children) - last year's price was £72.00, and this year's is £89.00, a whopping £17.00 increase in the space of a year!

Those wanting to buy tickets for groups of ten adults or more will now pay 90p more per person this year. However, the price of group child bookings has stayed the same.

To see the full price list, check out our Ticket Price Guide page.

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