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The Alton Towers Fearfest

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Thursday, 15th February 2007 By Dan Ketteringham

It seems ever more likely that the Halloween event will make a return this year, at the park and the hotels.

At the end of last year we reported that as things stood, the traditional fireworks event to round out the open season had been dropped, and replaced with a Halloween event instead.

Now, the website Haunted Attractions UK have uncovered some more details about the event. They report that it will last three weeks, starting on October 13th. The excellent haunted maze Terror of the Towers is set to return to the park - it was a huge success when it last ran in 2003, taking guests through the Gothic ruins themselves.

There will also be another haunted maze according to the report, though no details have yet been released. Perhaps it could be similar to the Midnight in the Garden of Evil attraction advertised last year (before the event was cancelled). There could also be Halloween attractions more suitable for younger children, including the possibility of one or two mazes.

The new-for-07 attraction Haunted Hollow is also set to become extra-scary for the event. Gone will be the family-friendliness, and in will be live actors and extra effects.

Towers Street is expected to be heavily decorated for the event, with some of the major rides possibly also being slightly re-themed. There is also the possibility of each night finishing with "a lakeside finale which could include water, fire and laser effects".

Over at the hotels, the haunted walkthrough Room 13, first introduced last year and deemed another success, is returning for 2007. This time, rather than borrowing sets and props from Terror of the Towers, the maze will have a totally new design.

Another hotel attraction planned is Haunted Cornfield, another haunted maze. According to the report, work on planting the two-acre cornfield has already begun. Any Hotel attractions are planned to be free for guests staying at the resort, while non-residents will be able to experience them for a fee.

As always, the park's plans change from day to day - the amount of times Halloween has been set to return but then hasn't is proof of that - but if just some of the proposed attractions happen, then it will be an exciting finish to the season!

Source: Haunted Attractions UK

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