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Adrenaline Week 2006 begins

Park News
Sunday, 29th October 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

After the inaugural Adrenaline Week last year, the park are repeating the event from tomorrow onwards.

14 rides will be open to guests: Nemesis, Air, Oblivion, Rita, Spinball Whizzer, Corkscrew, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Driving School, Ripsaw, The Blade, Duel, Enterprise, Frog Hopper and Gallopers Carousel.

The event will run from tomorrow until Sunday 5th November. The park will open between 12pm and 6pm, at a reduced price of £12 for adults and £5 for children.

It's an excellent time to head to the park, as there are often no queues (see this news item from last year's event). And with all the major roller coasters and other rides open, it represents extremely good value for money. Plus, with the clocks having gone back today, it means you can ride the rides in the dark too.

It's also one last chance to ride the rides before the park closes for the winter.

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Always check queue times on the screens dotted about the park, to make sure you have time for shagging everything.