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Park empty during Adrenaline Week

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Wednesday, 2nd November 2005 By Dan Ketteringham

If you want to go on some great rides and not have to queue, now is the time to visit Alton Towers!

Reports have been coming in all week so far saying how empty the park has been. Top rides, such as Rita - Queen of Speed, have been walk-on (no queuing whatsoever) after 3pm!

Here's a photo of Ug Land, taken at about 4:30pm yesterday:

As you can see, there is hardly anyone there.

So if you want to experience Rita, Oblivion, Air, Spinball Whizzer, Corkscrew, Ripsaw, Submission, Runaway Mine Train, Duel and Enterprise (and possibly also Nemesis if engineers can sort out technical issues in time), then we suggest you head to Alton Towers between now and Sunday, the last day of Adrenaline Week.

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Try joining the longest queue last - the queue will close, but everyone will get a ride.