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2006 prices published

Park News
Monday, 6th February 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

The entry tariff for this year has now been revealed on the official Alton Towers website.

To see the prices, go to the Ticket Price Guide.

Comparing last year's tariff to this year's - there is a 50p increase over the 2005 price on an adult ticket, and a £2.00 decrease on the price of a child ticket. There is a 75p increase in the cost of a senior/disabled guest ticket.

The family ticket price has dropped by £6.00.

The cost of an adult prepaid ticket for groups of 10+ has dropped by 30p, however the cost of group child tickets has risen by £1.90. This will surely affect school trips the most - for example, the cost of taking a group of 30 children will rise by a whopping £57.00 (excluding the money saved on the adult tickets for teachers).

The cost of a Tussauds Annual Pass has also increased, by £5 for individual passes and £15.00 for family passes. Despite this, the pass remains excellent value for money, in our opinion.

No word yet on "Bounceback" (2 consecutive days admission) tickets - last year they cost £41.00/£31.50 for adults and children respectively.

To sum up, generally prices have increased, as they do every year. However, Alton Towers are aiming to sell a lot more tickets over the internet in 2006, which will almost certainly happen due to the huge difference in price between those and tickets bought on the day.

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