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2001 season news

Park News
Thursday, 1st February 2001 By Steve Taylor

With just a few weeks until the beginning of the 2001 season, here is what we know so far…

Dino Dancer takes a break
This attraction has been removed from Ug Land, and is not forming part of the 2001 line up. We have been told that it may return in 2002. Perhaps it will take up station in Forbidden Valley.

Energizer puts on its new clothes
Energizer has been moved back into Ug Land for 2001. A lick of paint, and it becomes Bone Shaker.

Submission - Hang In There
The main attraction addition for 2001 takes the form of Submission, a Double Inverter ride sited in X-Sector.

Secret Weapon 5
Construction of SW5 will be on-going throughout 2001, ready for its anticipated opening in 2002. We will keep the site up-to-date with all the latest from the construction site.

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