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2005: An Alton Odyssey

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Sunday, 25th December 2005 By Dan Ketteringham

As 2005 draws to a close, we take a look back at the year gone by, and forward to the year to come.

Our review of the 2005 season at Alton Towers is now online - have a read of 2005: An Alton Odyssey.

It's also been quite an eventful year for ATA. Between January and April, we extensively covered the construction of Rita - Queen of Speed. We weren't prepared for the number of people visiting the site, and had to upgrade our hosting package due to our bandwidth going through the roof! Then, in May, we finally relaunched the website, which breathed new life into ATA. With a whole new database-driven system, it's made updating the site much easier for us, which mean we can bring the latest news to you the moment we hear it.

Since then we've also launched our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory micro-site, as well as bringing in a whole new gallery system which is also database-driven.

Over the course of the year we've restored a lot of the old content from the previous ATA site, but there's still work to do, with several features in the pipeline. Sometime in the new year we'll be launching 'ATA 2006' - basically it's a bit of a facelift for the site, with an even sleeker design than the current one, but with many changes behind-the-scenes to improve the site even more. You can expect to see new features, too - for example, our News RSS feed. Watch this space!

From all of us here on ATA, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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