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Free 'elf upgrade' for Christmas

Resort News
Friday, 4th November 2005 By Dan Ketteringham

Families staying at the Alton Towers hotels may find they have a personal concierge in the form of an elf.

A press release by the park reads:

"This Christmas Alton Towers is introducing a new concierge service, which may be short on size but is BIG on fun - THE ALTON TOWERS PERSONAL ELF SERVICE. During the holiday season, one lucky guest and their family will get the full and undivided personal attention of one of Santa's little helpers, Tinsel the Alton Towers Elf, on a mission to inject an extra magical, elfish dimension to their stay.

The Alton Towers Elf, "Tinsel"

On special Elf days throughout December, guests checking in to either the Alton Towers or Splash Landings Hotel might discover they have a quirky new member in their party, ready to help and create fantastic and unforgettable holiday memories. Families picked at random will be given the unique concierge services of Tinsel the Elf, as a present from Alton Towers for the whole duration of their stay - from the moment they arrive until it's time to pack up the reindeers and leave.

The Personal Elf Service:
The care and attention of Tinsel the elf will include…

  • Elf hello - madcap greeting
  • The rapid elf unpack (not necessarily the tidiest way to unpack!)
  • Elf fast track to see Santa
  • Elf news - complimentary newspaper delivery
  • Elf assistance and entertainment at dinner and breakfast
  • Elf ordering - personal bar service
  • Elf night nights - bed-time stories and lullaby for the kids
  • Elf bye byes - personalised farewell and goody bag
It goes without saying that Tinsel will be charming, witty, and good with children; with pointed ears, boots and a smashing elf costume; he will be an excellent Christmas list writer and present wrapper; be knowledgeable about the latest top ten toys and skilled in reindeer husbandry; he will be able to switch from waiting hand and foot on Santa to helping his Alton Towers' family; he will be able to memorise all Christmas wish lists and deliver them direct to Santa AND of course, he will look great in green!

Tinsel will be randomly allocated free to one lucky family during Santa's Sleepovers at the Alton Towers Hotels (4/5 & 11/12 Dec) and continuously from 18th - 24th December."

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