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Celebrating the Sound of Music

Park News
Monday, 30th May 2005 By Dan Ketteringham

Today saw the start of a 5-day celebration of the Sound of Music at the park.

The Magic Makers and guests were performing dance routines in front of a large screen that has been erected at the top of Towers Street, with the film being played all day long. Some of the classic songs had even been brought 'up to date' with a funky beat.

The old 3D cinema tent was also open for guests to go in and have a sing-along. And dotted around the park were various "Nuns on the Run" - placards with a picture of a Nun on them, plus a single letter of the alphabet. The task is to find them all, put together the letters and make a word. If you can do that, you win a DVD of the film this whole event is based upon. Also, all winners are entered into a prize draw for a night in one of the Hotels.

The event is running until Friday 3rd June (inclusive).

We've uploaded a video clip taken today to our Multimedia section, under the Event Media subheading.

And we've also uploaded 32 photos from the event - click here to see them.

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