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Gnomes go free

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Wednesday, 20th April 2005 By Dan Ketteringham

First Nuns, and now Gnomes - yet another wacky promotion for free entry to Alton Towers.

It's been reported that the park are offering free entry, between 1st and 31st May 2005, to anybody with a gnome. However there are tight stipulations to this offer - see below. The offer is a tongue-in-cheek response to the book, "Bollocks to Alton Towers", which promotes lesser-known UK attractions, such as Gnome Magic, the Porteath Bee Centre and the British Lawnmower Museum.

However, the promotion was not well received at Gnome Magic, as explained by the man in charge, Michael Bridges: "From our point of view it's ridiculous because it might attract people to steal gnomes.

"Otherwise it will cost them more to buy a gnome and get in free to Alton Towers than the entrance fee would be."

He conceded that this possibility was unlikely, however.

Alton Towers Offer - Gnome Stipulations

  • Minimum height 18"
  • Maximum height 24" (including hat)
  • Traditional dress only acceptable (trousers, black or brown boots, tunic with brown or black belt)
  • Long white beard compulsory
  • Pointy hat in blue, red or green compulsory
  • Glasses optional
  • Fishing rod, walking stick or other garden implement optional, but preferred.

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