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'My Alton Towers Resort' Launched

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Sunday, 10th April 2011 By Chris Bennett

Alton Towers' new interactive games & rewards site went live last week.

After logging in with Facebook (you'll need a Facebook account to use the site, there's no other registration options) you'll find yourself at your very own My Alton Towers Resort homepage which you can personalise with a selection of themes.

Central to the site is a badges system, a number of which you can just collect straight away. Others require a bit more work so you'll have to earn them, either by answering polls or by completing levels and tasks in the games on the site. You can see how your badge count measures up against your Facebook friends and the Global league table!

Collecting badges and doing various other things on the site (playing games, sharing on Facebook, etc.) earns you credits which can be exchanged for Rewards - at launch there's 2for1 tickets available plus entry to prize draws with waterpark tickets, park tickets and Fastrack passes up for grabs.

There's a TH13TEEN themed flash game on the site, challenging you to see if you can Escape the Dark Forest, with 13 badges to collect along the way. The game includes 8 different levels, some of which are quite challenging!

Elsewhere on the site you can download exclusive desktop wallpapers and ringtones in addition to a selection of E-Cards that can be sent to friends and family.

The site is a good bit of fun and demonstrates the resort's continued commitment to embracing social media. Hopefully the site will continue to grow over the season with new badges, games and some exciting new rewards.

You can access the site at:

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